Be Happy Doodles

Be Happy Doodles are created by the Dutch artist Jolanda Kranenburg.
These colorful doodles, made with love, contain uplifting messages for every day.

Jolanda started as a graphic designer/Illustrator in 1994 at a printing office.
After a few years a new challenge came up as Art assistant for the US based company
Mikohn Europe were casino signs were developed, to create artwork and display movies.

Her personal journey led her to move to Germany were she lived for two years.
But life is suprising and brought her to Belgium were she lives now together with her three kids.

In the summer of 2015 the first painting of the Be Happy Doodles was born.
Encouraged by friends who loved the drawing a second doodle was also created.
Then the idea arose to ad quotes to the drawings and post them on social media.
A commitment was made to create a doodle every day as an inspiring positive message to the world.