One day I woke up and got inspired to make a doodle…

What I didn’t knew then, that it would be the first of many doodles to come…

The Artist

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Jolanda.
Since I was little I loved to hold a pencil and draw.
I could sit at the kitchen table with my father who was an artist and be fascinated by the lines he put on paper which magically created a portret or landscape.

Years later, it was a logical step for me to follow an education to become a graphic designer/Illustrator.


My life lesson,┬ádon’t give up, life will never let you down.

Besides a child that loved to draw, I was also very sensitive. A child that didn’t understand the world outside the safe created world within. I asked myself… why do people suffer?

When I grew older I tried to find the answers in books. I read “You can heal your life”, by Louise Hay, which was a big eyeopener. Followed by books of Wayne Dyer, Deepac Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, John Gray, Brandon Bays, Byron Katie… and many others.

Many aha moments and puzzle pieces fell into place.

But the biggest teacher was life itself. It taught me about faith, synchronicity, gratefulness and love.
Even in the toughest moments, I learned that life gives you everything that you need and will never let you down.